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Finish API for Sheet Summary Reports to work with Power BI Connector


In my opinion, it is an embarrassment for the Product team to code only 1 of the 2 native types of reports that work work with the Power BI Connector - it's like a restaurant offering two dishes - chicken and steak - but only one of them comes cooked.

For those of us that don't have years to wait for Smartsheet to get it together, I found a reasonable solution thanks to YouTube.


  1. Recreate the report as a row report (so that it pulls into Power BI) - make sure that you have a column with dates to filter for your most recent records
  2. In Power Query Editor: sort the date column by descending (latest records at the top)
  3. In Power Query Editor: wrap the query with a Table.Buffer( ) - see video @4:52
  4. In Power Query Editor: remove duplicates based on the column where you want to filter by a unique record (ex: Employee #, Project Name, Sales Territory, etc.)

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