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Allow Manual Adjustment of Row Height


Excel has this functionality and it is invaluable for managing the display of data in sheets.

Just because I have a lot of narrative information in a cell does not mean I want to have it all visible all the time when in the sheet. Often it is more valuable to see more rows than to see all the information in a cell at the expense of different rows. (Turning off text wrapping, and widening or hiding the column are not sufficient answers.)

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  • Sug.bhar

    Hi, do we know how to adjust row height?

  • Pat Canning
    Pat Canning ✭✭✭✭

    The same way Excel does, either by dragging it to the desired height or specifying a numeric value.

  • BSekowski

    I have seen multiple posts over a few years asking how to adjust row height, but no viable workaround or no indication that Smartsheet is planning to add it as a feature in a future release. This is a simple function. Column width can be easily adjusted, why not row height? I have rows with multiple comments that need to be tracked, but having the entire comment history displayed in a row makes the Smartsheet difficult to read and requires extensive scrolling just to navigate up and down in the Smartsheet.