Missing Attachment as Notification Trigger - Smartsheet Automations?


I have built out a multi-use form that, depending on the user, requires attachments to be added. Since I cannot conditionally require attachments in the form I am trying to build an automation that triggers a notification to the form submitter if they neglect to add an attachment when it is required... but I continue to stump myself.

The initial submission will flag a date in a helper column when attachments are added. That date column is used as a condition on the "Attachments Missing" update request. But the trigger for both automations is "When Rows Are Added" so often times the "Attachments Missing" update request gets triggered even when attachments have been added. Is there a way around this without doing a date based notification trigger?

Including Screenshots of both automations.


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    Ok, how about using a helper column with a 0 or 1 being input by your automation, and then use this as the trigger. So set the default on the column to 0, and if an attachment is there, leave it at 0. Then if an attachment is not there workflow will set it to 1, and that would trigger the automated workflow to run.