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Expand / Collapse by One Step

It would help if one could expand or collapse everything by one step only rather than expand the whole descendants at once.

Often I only need to expand/ collapse one step (up or down the hierarchy) at a time, and this means I have to manually expand or collapse each parent row to reach the next level, which is time consuming on large sheets with multiple hierarchy levels.

It would really help to have an "Expand 1 Step" or "Collapse 1 Step" option next to the "Expand" or "Collapse" options in the drop-down menu. Thanks.

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  • Mattisphere
    Mattisphere ✭✭✭✭✭

    I feel like this has been requested a dozen times over the years but I don't see any of the other posts. We NEED to be able to expand/collapse by level and by selection. For instance, I have 40 projects on a sheet with additional sub-tasks. Right now, we have to keep going to the top and expanding all or collapsing all and then digging back into what we want to look at instead of being able to just select 30 rows and collapse them without collapsing ALL of the projects. @Walid Sulayman's particular idea is also great, to be able to just collapse everything down to a certain level, so hide all of the fourth-level sub-tasks (aka collapse to the third-level). For a sheet that people are in and out of every day, only being able to expand or collapse everything is very inconvenient.