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DocuSign: Setting the File Name

The DocuSign integration currently does not all you to change how a generated file name is saved within DocuSign. Instead of using the name of the document as specific in Smartsheet, DocuSign uses the name of the pdf file in the DocuSign template. It ignores the name of the pdf created in Smartsheet.

For example, in Smartsheet my generated file is called xyz.pdf. In DocuSign the template that it matches to has a file name 123.pdf. The file then in the Document generated envelop is named 123.pdf. The 123.pdf is then sent out in the signees thru the DocuSign notifications. Yet, when the workflow is complete in Smartsheet it attaches to the row the signed document with the name xyz.pdf. As a result we have a discrepancy in the name that is in Smartsheet ..and the file name that is sent out via the DocuSign notifications to the signees. Since we are dealing with legal documents, this make document tracing between parties very difficult.

The product idea is for DocuSign to receive the mapped file name as set up in Smartsheet.

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