Recover a Row that was accidentally moved then deleted

I was attempting to copy a row from sheet 1 to sheet 2, but I accidentally moved the row then deleted it, but then realized belatedly that the original (now deleted) data in sheet 1 had been moved. Apparently one can not simply use the "undo action" arrow after moving something--the option is grayed out as in not available. So I'd like to recover that row of moved data without bugging the person who reported it originally. I've also put in a request to SmartSheet support so they can "roll back the clock" hopefully on that sheet 1, but I thought I'd try here as well in case there is some other way. Thanks!

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  • SteyJ
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    Hey @GlennJo,

    the sheet should be available in the owner of the sheet, deleted files. If it is specifically a row of data that was deleted, you can try checking the activity log to see if it shows the removed data there.


    Jacob Stey

  • GlennJo
    GlennJo ✭✭

    Hi Jacob, Your answer led me to the data, thanks! I'm not the owner but just after I "requested a snapshot" in the sheet I removed the rows from (which would go to the owner, who is away) I actually was able to find the missing data in the activity log in the sheet I'd moved it to, under an "inserted cells" record. It's still missing from the activity log in the original sheet (where it just has a note about the deletion, but no info). But I was able to repopulate the row based on the inserted cells record in the activity log. So I'm all set. Thanks again!