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How do I get my report to summarize who is here during specific dates?

Example, we have a spreadsheet that shows student names, experience start date, experience end date, quarters, department. My supervisor wants to see what students are here between the dates of July 1st - September 30th. How do I show that on a report?

So if a student is here 5/1/23-8/1/23 they would show on this report and also a student who is here 7/1/23-8/1/23 (they are both here during that time period so should show up on this report). Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!


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    Hello Taylor! Try adding the following filters:

    Experience Start Date is between 7/1/23 and 9/30/23


    Experience End Date is between 7/1/23 and 9/30/23

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