Task Notification From Template for New Project

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I'm wondering if there is an easy way or best practice for this...

We do many of the same type of project (all same tasks, assignments, etc) for different 'builds'. We have a project template which contains all the proper columns, etc. including assigned to. When we have a new 'build' we simply save the template as new with the name of the new build, change a key date (which calculates all the new dates) and that's it, new project is ready to go.

What we want is when we save the template as a new build for all the assigned to contacts for each row to be notified they have new tasks for this new build.

I know we can easily do an automation that sends the notifications if assigned to changes but in this case all the assigned to are already pre-entered from the template.

We've been creative in doing different automations based on different criteria but nothing seems really straightforward or what I would call a best practice.

Does anyone have a suggestion on the easiest and best way to handle this?



  • Steve,

    Are you using, or considering using Resource Management? If so then Resource Management can send out the notification to the users. If you are not using Resource management, then you set up a automation so that when a end date changes, notify the person assigned to that task. This should alert everyone when the new dates are calculated.


  • Steve_Mitchell
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    Hi @Randall Alberts CBRE, no we're not using resource management. Using the end date is a good idea but the dates on the project change every so often so this method will send the notifications several times. May not be a bad idea to send each time the end date changes but was really looking for a one time initial notification on project initiation. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Steve - In order to cut down on emails, you can create a hidden column that will be checked through automation after sending the message. You can then write the rule to only send messages if the checkbox is not checked. It does add overhead, but does prevent emailing each time. I have used the checkboxes on many occasions to prevent multiple messages or rules to run.