Do I need to create multiple sheets for the same form?


So, I created a sales intake form and created a QR code. This works perfectly.

What I would like to do is use the same form for multiple salespeople (7) so that I can track activity.

I am assuming since the QR code is linked to the URL and that data is being dumped into a specific sheet I would need to create a total of (7) copies and just rename the sheet, then merge them into a master sheet.

I am concerned about potential duping contacts and since I have every new lead tied to a custom prospect id (xyz00001) having the proper logic tied so that each leads prospect id is in consecutive order.

Does anyone have any creative ways around this or am I stuck with creating 7 copies of the same form to different sheet names and having the prospect ids unique to the salesperson, then creating the logic to delete dups by prospect name and by created time/date.

TIA for your suggestions!