Reminders: How to set up reminder if cell DOESN'T change?


I want to set up reminders, and force and escalation, if a Status cell does not change after X days.

Scenario: Someone fills out an intake form. The Status is "Not Started" by default at the time the Intake form is submitted. The team's SLA is 3 days to change the status to "Reviewed" or "In Progress." If they don't, I want the team to receive a message encouraging them to review the new form.

The problem I am finding is that workflow actions are based on things that have changed/added or on a specific date. Also, the "Creation Date" is not a selectable field in the Date condition because, I'm assuming, it doesn't change--not variable.

Any help with this would be appreciated.



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  • Leibel S
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    Create a field that checks if both the created date is more then 3 days ago and the status is "Not Started". Then have an automation run every morning that is filtered to this field being checked.

    Example formula:

    =IF(AND(Status@row="Not Started",(TODAY()-[Created Date]@row)>3),1,0)