Login defaulting to my g-mail account, even when I put in work e-mail?


I have received an invite from a customer for my WORK (Outlook) account, and when I go to log into Smartsheet it keeps defaulting to my GMAIL account, even when I put my work e-mail in and password for Smartsheet, boom, gmail account on the landing page and no refernce to my work e-mail.

I log in with my work e-mail and password, it goes to the main page and it's my gmail icon and e-mail associated with the account. I have tried to add my work account to the gmail associated account and it says "this is associated with another account and can't be added" But, I can't log into the work account to add the gmail.

I am literally in a pandoras box trying to figure out how to access the sheets which have been sent to my work account, because they are not showing up in the gmail associated account.