Can you automatically rename/add prefix to a mapped document?

Nat ✭✭✭✭✭

I'm having an issue where I'm regularly automating a mapped document.

The input comes in via a form, the service rep makes sure all content is ok, then hits the "create PDF" checkbox. A PDF is created and attaches itself to the row.

This is great, and gets around the fact you can't just print a nice looking version of the form in the first place, plus it's a time saver compared to having to manually do it.

However, every row now has a document with the same name attached.

Is there a way to automatically prefix the document name with a field such as "item number" or "customer name"?

That would be super helpful, avoiding the need to download, rename and re-upload the PDF - or downloading a few at a time and getting them mixed up.

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