Forms: Best practice to reduce columns when using forms with logic

I am setting up an IT ticketing system to replace our aging system. I have a ticketing form set up using logic. In short its

--> Issue or Request

--> Request type select

--> Subtype1

--> Subtype 2

--? etc...

--> Issue type select

etc... all the way down...

As the user makes selections, more options are presented. The interface on the user side is nice and clean, and leads them through the options. However, the sheet side is awful. I already have over 40 columns to collect this information. I then turn around and concatenate all of this information into a single column that looks like this: "Issue: Autocad/Unknown Error" or this "Request: Conf. Room Setup/Tech/Etc..."

But as messy as the sheet is, its much better than having one column with a dropdown list of 250 items.

I think it would be brilliant if the logic allowed you to not only say "display this column", but also control what options in the dropdown list are available. I'll post that in the ideas area.

In the meantime, is there a better way to set up the form and reduce the number of columns? Maybe there is form integration that has better form options... but I would like to stick native Smartsheet if possible.

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    There is currently no way to achieve this natively within the core product alone. Feel free to browse the Product Ideas tab at the top of this page to look for a similar idea. If someone has already submitted it, feel free to add your vote. If no one has, then you can submit the idea yourself and allow others to add their votes.

    Either way, please don't forget to provide a link to the idea here in this thread so others searching for a similar solution can easily add their votes.

    In the meantime... I am not sure if Google Forms supports that functionality, but I do know it has a pretty easy integration with Smartsheet.