Building a Client-Facing Portal in Smartsheet. Workapps?

Hi Smartsheet Community,

I am trying to figure out what the best avenue/ tools within smartsheets are to build out a published portal that is dedicated to our customers.

Some background: My company generates utility-scale renewable energy projects from scratch. Our business model is to develop these projects over time before we eventually sell them to high-paying buyers. We sell our projects in bundles (5-15 projects at a time), and ultimately, we need a place to share details, files, metrics etc on the whole bundle, and also on the projects individually. For example, we currently are using a google drive shared folder for this, but it is super clunky to do. Plus- we are already tracking our projects and metrics in smartsheets. We ideally would like to make a custom portal when we want to publish a bundle for buyers.

Here is some more details on the specific requirements of this build out:

This would be CLIENT-FACING so its important we are able to manage the user privileges. They would need to access this with a free smartsheet account (or better yet, no account at all). They cannot be able to see anything else in our system- only the metrics etc. to what we publish on there. When we create a new bundle to propose to a new buyer, it must be easy to build out and customize. We would want to create a template beforehand so we reduce the steps required each time. Additionally, we want it to be professional, match our branding, and be intuitive to navigate.

There are so many creative solutions and buildouts within the smartsheets community (and so many features I don't know about!) so I figured this was well worth a discussion post.

At first thought, I was thinking about Workapps--- but I really don't know much about them at all. I have heard of something called Brandfolder as well, but i have no idea what that is! I was also thinking we could just create a dashboard (though I think this might be clunky to build out each time we wanted to share a bundle with a potential buyer).

Please help me brainstorm the best way(s)/ methods to accomplish this using smartsheets! Any tips or tricks to increase efficiency, or previous builds for me to reference though this brainstorming process!