Exporting from other Platforms to upload into Smartsheet?

I'm asking a very big question, but I'm curious if anyone has set something up like this and if so, how do you go about doing it. Here is the scenario:

We have users who access an External Training platform, however we are severely limited in licenses so there are 2 admins for 35 users. These 35 users all report to different managers across the org. That means the managers have no insight into reporting for their respective users.

From this platform, we can export reports, however we have to manually separate out users based on the reporting structure so that Manager A doesn't see users who report to Manager B, and so on.

What I'm looking to do is to be able to create a few metadata sheets/reference sheets with User Data (i.e., email, name, direct manager, etc.) and another with Course data (i.e., course id, course name, course category, etc.).

Then, on a weekly basis I'm thinking of exporting the activity results of the users to a CSV/Excel sheet, copy and paste it into some master smartsheet, which then helps me filter out the users and possibly build trends based on their activity.

Now, I know the easy solution is "give the manager's access" but that requires money and as we near the end of the year, belts get tight. We are working with our internal PowerBI team to review options but we have been postponed to Q1 of 2024. Also, connecting Smartsheet to anything is also not an option, as it would require IT and they've confirmed they have no room on the roadmap for this year.

I am thinking something like this would take some legwork to get setup at first, but I imagine once I got it configured properly, it should be pretty simple to manage on a weekly basis.

Thoughts? Anyone accomplish something this absurd with copy/paste exported data from other platforms?