Formula to generate date 1 year from today?

I am trying to figure out a formula that will generate a date that is 1 year from today.

For example, if we have a contract that requires 12 months of notice to cancel, and I have a column to track the Earliest Possible Termination Date, I want that column to tell me the date that is 1 year out, or 365 days after today.



  • DKazatsky2
    DKazatsky2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Haley Lavender,

    I would suggest using a column that has the contract start date and use that static date to determine 1 year later. There is a TODAY() formula that can be used but it will continually change your value as "today" changes.

    So, the Earliest Possible Termination Date column could use the following column formula.

    =[Contract Start Date]@row + 365

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi @DKazatsky2, thank you for your response! I am very interested in learning the TODAY() formula that will continually change value as "today" changes -- that's actually what I'm needing to accomplish in my sheet. Could you please share how you'd use that formula?

  • DKazatsky2
    DKazatsky2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Haley Lavender ,

    All you need to do is use TODAY() in any formula. So to get the date in one year you would use =TODAY() + 365.

    Best of luck,


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