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Getting top x rows

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Hi all

We're working on a dashboard for senior stakeholders. At the moment we have a report that is an amalgamation of several sheets (listing risks & issues). We now want to limit that amalgamated report to only show top x rows, based on one of the columns (numerical value). 


So, instead of the current report showing all risks & issues (from the various base sheets), we want to just show the top 7.


Is this possible?


  • Hi dharmesh,

    One way to do this, since report criteria can't pull in a specific number of rows, is to add an auto number column to your sheets and give the column a starting number of 1. (More on auto-number columns in our help center.

    You can then adjust the What? criteria of your report builder form to pull in rows from your sheets if the auto-number column contains values between 1 and 7.

    This will pull in the top 7 rows from every sheet.

    If you're looking to pull in only seven rows period, that's a little tricker as reports can't perform calculations at this time. You may need to come up with a "rating" function that rates your risks so that the top seven highly weighted risks from all sheets will likely come into the report. Details on functions available to Smartsheet can be found here: https;//help.smartsheet.com/functions

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