Meet Colleen Patterson, our August Member Spotlight! 🎉

Alison Clancy
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Community, it's our pleasure to introduce you to our August Member Spotlight, Community Champion, and all-around star @Colleen Patterson! *air horn noise*

Colleen is the Executive Vice President of Operations at The Clinician eXchange (TCX), a company that strives to unite healthcare innovation and expertise through tailored clinical experiences and education. When she first joined the team, they were using a combination of Google Sheets, JotForm, and Excel without a singular point of knowledge. During the RFP process to find a new solution, she instantly found relief in Smartsheet.

"Smartsheet blew us out of the water - we saw so much potential in the offerings," she says. "In our first year alone, we were able to increase efficiencies, allowing us to grow 80% without adding personnel."

In addition to her love of automations and functions, Colleen has been able to drive strategic transformation through Control Center. "We work with Fortune 500 companies, and the project management and dashboard optics we have shown through Smartsheet always resonate strongly with them," she says. "The ability to see status in real-time across all stakeholders has been pivotal to our success."

As a Community Champion, it's no surprise Colleen enjoys sharing ideas in the Community. "The number of times I have seen a solution someone else is using, building, or suggesting and realized it's better than what I'm doing is too numerous to count," she says. She's also excited to be attending her first ENGAGE conference next month and meeting some of her Smartsheet heroes in person (Alison note: We're excited too!).

Colleen's personal passions are just as dynamic as her work life. She hosts the Women in Medtech episodes of the Medtech Business Academy podcast, featuring women who are changing the future of healthcare. Along with her husband, she supports the non-profit Reef Monitoring, an organization focused on on-going marine conservation. She is also an avid reader, urban homesteader, baker, and quilter.


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