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enable import of xlsm by data shuttle


Hi community,

the idea is to enable import of macro-enabled xls workbooks (xlsm) by data shuttle,

this can prove really useful by importing /handling advanced project-related documents or business models !

Currently only csv and xlsx are allowed to be imported.



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  • Matt Molland

    I am working through a solution for this right now. I had to create a new workbook, then use the .xlsm sheet with your macros to open the .xlsx file, copy contents, then close the file. Then I use Data Shuttle to link to the other sheet.

    Dim FilePath As String

      Dim wbk As Workbook

      Dim oldStatusBar As String

    FilePath = "C:\Box\Shared Documents\SmartSheets Reference Sheets\Metrics Smartsheet.xlsx"

      Set wbk = ActiveWorkbook

      Application.ScreenUpdating = False

       Workbooks.Open FilePath


      wbk.Sheets(1).Range("1:63").Copy Destination:=ActiveCell



      Application.ScreenUpdating = True