Logic in Forms - not optimal

kowal Overachievers Alumni

Dear Community,

I have a problem with the Form we used a lot of logic so if the person choses proper answer another question is shown. If the question is not optimal there is message in red shown (using header).

So if someone clicks all proper answers he is shown with the last question and based on it there are 3 messages shown (red, yellow, green).

If someone marks the last question correctly and gets green answer but then plays with questions on the top suddenly 2 messages are visible (red and green)

is it possible to solve it?



  • Ray Lindstrom
    Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    This sounds like a bug to me. There's no configuration options to help account for (or fix) something like this.

    I would imagine there's probably a bug logged for this already just sitting on some backlog with a low priority since there isn't any noise from the market. As a former software tester, I would be surprised if they don't already know of this.

    This is well-worth being reported for sure.

    All the best,


  • kowal
    kowal Overachievers Alumni

    Thanks @Ray Lindstrom I will put it on new ideas board.