Inconsistent Alerts for comments made


We would like to have alerts being sent out when someone adds a comment.

There is a workflow that I believe should cover this, but am finding that it doesn't always work/trigger.

I have 8 people accessing the sheet and have an alert for each person, 6 with the same settings. To me the 6 people should always get an alert together, and there shouldn't be a case where some get it and some don't. All 6 users have "Include my changes in the sheet notifications" on.

We regularly get times where only some of the 6 get an alert and some don't. Anyone know what could be doing this?

Another issue is when someone replies to the comment, this does trigger the alert. The Commenter will get an alert "{Person} replied to a conversation you're following in ...." but this does not trigger the above alerts which also seems like it should be.

Anyone have these problems or know how I can resolve this issue?