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Designer Edit Acknowledgements in Proofs

When we have large design projects come through the proofing tool, there are often a lot of edits being annotated/requested and it can become daunting for the designer. My idea is to give the designer a visual cue (checkbox, etc) to quite literally "check off" when they've applied a requested edit to their design file. This feature could allow the designer to go through the annotated edits called out in the proof, and make the edits in their design file, followed by "checking off" or acknowledging the update has been made within that comment of the proof. It would keep the designer on track to ensure the edits being requested are being made, and to show the requestor of those edits that they've been seen, acknowledged, and made.

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  • Rhia
    Rhia ✭✭

    Some type of system that allows the designer to acknowledge proofing edits have been made AND allows a filter to remove them from view, leaving only the remaining action items, is a critical need. It's impossible to sort through a single layout with more than 10 active proofing notes and tell at a glance what still needs to be actioned on.