PDF of original form submitted with approvals printed on it


We have a payment request form for staff requesting a reimbursement for expenses that feeds into an approval path for the supervisor and then the director. This works great, but I also need the trail documented to attach to the accounting system when I put in the reimbursement.

Is there any way to get a "final" copy of the submitted form that documents the names/dates of the approvals? The line in the Smartsheet isn't very effective for an audit trail.


  • Darla Brown
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    We use the automated approval workflow for each approval level. As the status updates for each approval, a different workflow generates a document. This is a fillable PDF that records the name of the person who approved and date approved. This is attached to the sheet. Once the final approver has completed, this document can be downloaded and sent however needed.

    This has worked great for us and Internal Audit has approved the process for backup documentation.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Courtney S.
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    Same as what Darla said, we use automations/workflows for approvals and a separate workflow for PDF document generation. You do need to create a fillable form PDF first, that you can load into Smartsheet's document builder, and then you can connect Smartsheet columns/fields to the PDF fillable fields. Try this help article: Document Builder: Generate documents from row data | Smartsheet Learning Center