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Ability/Function to view who edit the Dashboard widget last.


I ran into the situation when I updated Dashboard widget (and I was not the original creator for those widgets), other widgets which was on the dashboard lost the connection to the source sheet.

I worked with SS Support desk and they told me because Dashboard widget has complicated permission setting on the widget. I asked if there was a way to view who edited/created the widget and there is no place to find that info. (We looked into activity log but it does not show)

I would like to see a feature that would allow users (dashboard admins) to review who last edited the widget. This would allow for better predictability with what may happen if widgets are edited as we could ensure that the permissions held by the previous editor were also present for the user making the changes. 

I ran into this problem when I was working on Control Center template and had problem pushing global updates. Altho this is not actual Control Center Issue -- but I tagged it.

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