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Searching for Smartsheet job FT or Contract

Meg Y
Meg Y ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi everyone, I am a Smartsheet certified Administrator and have been using the product for over six years. Recently was laid off and looking for a role that is is more Smartsheet centered. My background is in project management and most recently scrum master/senior deliver lead.

I am skilled at creating and maintaining end-to-end solutions, and at building and configuring collaborate work environments.

The add-ons I am most familiar with are Data Shuttle and Dynamic view. My experience with control center is rusty. It has changed a lot since I last used it.

Margaret Young


  • Hi there; I have 2-3 companies that are using smartsheet as a scheduler and to track resources. I have hacked something together but looking for something to be finessed and assistance to use the program properly. I have done the videos and searched the templates but i am not satisfied with my resultant schedule in SS. This would not be a huge project---only some hours worth, but are you interested and if so what is your rate?? Thank you