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I've built an automation that sends an update request using the docusign integration when a checkbox is checked (see automation logic below).

In testing and in production, I can typically see the icon "view pending update requests for this row" - but not always. The icon is a round, with rotating arrows and a checkbox in the middle (see below).

I currently have a case where I checked the checkbox and the icon isn't showing. When I tested it out with my own name in the row, I couldn't see the pending request icon, but did get the email with the invitation to docusign. However, when I recently tested with a colleague, she didn't get the email prompt when we didn't see the icon - and a bit later after unchecking and checking the checkbox again, the icon appeared, and she did see it. I always save in between, so it can't be a saving issue.

Any idea what is happening here? I'd really appreciate any input. This is the key feature of a new program we built ...

Thanks in advance!



  • StevenBlackburnMBA
    StevenBlackburnMBA ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you thought about reprocessing this part?

    Do you have Dynamic View at all? -- there are ways around that if the functionality isn't working. Our org doesn't use Docusign and have some items built in to help manage our tasks and use Dynamic View to give the specific users a portal.


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  • Melina G.

    Thanks for your input, Steven - much appreciated!

    I learned that I was on the wrong track, as docusign documents don't aren't tracked with the pending update request icon (the icons that I did see were left over from other update requests on that row). With the help of the Smartsheet helpdesk, I've included a tracking column that shows the status of docusign documents, so it's working nicely now.