How do I count the reason for the consult, AND the year it took place?

I tried to amend this formula to report by year. Below is the formula I tried, which didn't work. The reasons are part of a drop down on another sheet. The consult date is on the same sheet, but the full date is in the cell, 10/12/2017, 11/1/2017, etc.

My current formula in the TOTALS to DATE is: =COUNTIF({Reason for Consult}, CONTAINS("fever", @cell)) This formula does work.

Here is what I tried in order to count the number of times fever AND the year 2017 were true.

=COUNTIFS({Reason for Consult}, CONTAINS("fever", @cell), ({Consult Date}, AND((@cell>=DATE(2017, 1,1), @cell<=DATE((2017, 12, 31))))

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