✨ Smartsheet ENGAGE 2023 delivers style, efficiency, and scale

Arsineh Employee Admin
edited 02/13/24 in Product Announcements

We’ve been sharing updates from ENGAGE and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of the innovations unveiled during the keynote. Get the complete list by visiting the recent blog post by Ben Canning, SVP of Product Management. 

Here are some highlights on the innovations that will help you better plan, do, and scale your work.

Plan the work: 

We’re bringing Resource Management to everyone! Project managers will be able to quickly identify who is working on what, address over-allocations, and make informed staffing decisions all directly in their project sheets. (Coming soon to our Early Adopter Program)

We’re introducing a new timeline view and are working to reimagine grid and card view for release early next year — all to bring you a super-fast and delightful experience.

We’re also introducing new functionality to help creators build a useful solution quickly and for team members to more easily navigate and accomplish their work with the introduction of a new template experience, new solution panel, and soon-to-follow AI-based solutions creation to help  tailor a solution to your needs. Learn more about the enhancements that will help you better plan the work. 

Do the work:

Now I’m especially excited to share with you all the advancements we’re rolling out to help you work more efficiently with the use of Generative AI. You’ll be able to better analyze data, get help with an AI-powered help assistant that’ll provide you with steps to optimize your solution or even debug a formula, translate and summarize data in your sheet, generate formulas with the help of the new AI-powered formula builder, and more. Learn more about the enhancements that will help you do the work. 

Scale the work

Last but not least we’re also introducing enhancements to help you scale your work. In fact, in 2024, each sheet will support 5 million sheet links (up 250x) per sheet. No matter how many formulas or links you have, you’ll experience sheets opening and responding to edits faster than ever before. 

We’re also increasing our support of individual portfolios to 20,000 projects per portfolio. Last month, we scaled Control Center support to 5,000 projects per portfolio — that's up 5x from the beginning of the year. In January, Control Center will support 20,000 projects — that's 20x the capacity for your teams to run more and better projects. Learn more about the enhancements that will help you scale the work.