I am really new and novice to this platform, hoping I could maybe get nudged in the right direction


Is there a way I could generate a running inventory of hardware i keep at my shop, which i distribute periodically to a couple work vans? The idea would be to take in hardware requests from the van drivers for replenishing their stock, and also receive updates with regards to what and how many pieces they use on jobs. All the while maintaining quantities of each hardware item updated on the vans and on the central shop stock.


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    Good Morning @Nicholas Sterin, what are your thoughts on using QR Codes? You can create and printout the QR Codes adheare them in or near your inventory. Someone from your team connects to a Smartsheet form using the QR Code and submits the reorder request. Maybe, depending on the size of your inventory you can put a piece of paper or board dividing the last few items left and on that board have the QR Code with a note say "Please order for resupply, now." or something like that.

    There is a great post that explains QR Code setup in a bit more detail by @Andrée Starå


    Good luck!

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  • Nicholas Sterin

    I think that would be a very exciting concept but i worry about bins being moved around and hardware pieces changing places and QR codes staying where they were, hence becoming the wrong code for the wrong piece. You can a snap of what im dealing with attached to this comment. A lot of these pieces are very small, like connector and cable etc, I was thinking something more along the lines of having the main sheet with the warehouse inventory, and then either having one request sheet for each technician affecting the main sheet or the same thing with them using a form instead of a sheet, but i have no idea how to link forms to the main sheet or how all of this could work together :(

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    Almost feels like you need to have an application stood up here that allows for this kind of system.

    But if you'd like to make Smartsheet work for this inventory system then you might be able to accomplish this (sort of).

    Given the items are relatively unique and can worked off of the name, what you would do is create a form for another sheet. Consider this to be your interaction sheet where it will receive the details on items dropped off and picked up. When a user drops off or picks up an item, they go take this form and submit the action. Then you have a script or process that would run every so often and look for new submissions. This script would take those submissions, search them in this inventory sheet, and make the updates.


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