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Set column width?

Matt Cochran
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hello,  is there a way to set the column width to a specific unit?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Matt, you can adjust column width by clicking and dragging on the right hand side of the column header (or double click to auto-adjust) but there isn’t a way to set the width to a specific unit. Is there a particular use case you could provide that I could give to our product team to help them understand the need for this? 

  • Matt Cochran
    edited 07/13/15

    Hi,  i got the slider thing and i see how it works however I would like to select a single column and or range select a number of columns and input a numerical value to set the column width the same.  more accurate and much faster than clicking and dragging column width.


    just neat freak stuff,  thanks

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks Matt, I will pass this along! 

  • Michel Assayag
    edited 08/01/16

    Hi... The comment column is very narrow, and I am trying to adjust its width without success. I can change the width of other columns, failing to do so just with the very thin ones

    Any syggestion?


  • Hey Michel! Try using your scroll bar to scroll all the way to the left in your sheet. This should resolve the issue :)

  • Thanks Kennedy

    It did, although I now understand that certain column made to contain an icon only are not expandable :-)

    But at least I can see the icon now


    thanks again!

  • NickP
    edited 04/20/17

    Hi I am using MS Project and have complete control over the formatting.

    I know this is not that but it would be useful to be able to control the column widths in the view mode and printing mode. I need to keep the columns to exact widths due to screen size and also the layout on a printed page.

    For example my % complete column keeps expanding too wide when printing even though I have adjusted the slider on the screen. Can someone let me know if this will be an added function soon?

    It is more important to keep the layout and view of the data consistent than to have all of the sharing functions. Every time I open Smart Sheet I have to go through a lot of time consuming column width adjusting.

    Please tell me that soon this will be fixed. I am recommending this program to my company for standardization of project management.


  • Hi Travis, 


    Is there a way to set multiple columns to a certain width all together now? 



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