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Reference sheet name in formula.


It would be nice to be able to put something such as @sheetname or {{Sheet Name}} or something to call specifically to the sheet name for a formula. This would make it easy for sheets to be duplicated across vendors/products without having to change anything but the name of the sheet itself.

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  • Matt Rasmussen
    Matt Rasmussen ✭✭✭✭

    I upvoted this suggestion because I would like to use {{Sheet Name}} (or whatever naming convention) in automation workflow email notifications. For example, the email subject field could be "{{Sheet Name}} item assigned to you" for when an owner is assigned an item in a RAID log.

    This would prevent having to change the sheet name in every workflow when we use our templates. Right now, we have to update each workflow manually before sharing the sheet to the team.

    I see some workarounds being suggested in the community with hidden helper columns or sheet summary fields storing the sheet name, but those clunky workarounds still require someone to enter the sheet name into those fields. This feature request would eliminate that. 👏