Why hasn't Smartsheet fixed the issue where the program automatically rearranges my sheet rows?


I was the only one in the sheet.

I had not touched anything since the last time I hit save.

All of a sudden, the popup arises that says Smartsheet has made a change and click here to refresh.

I refresh it, and my whole sheet has been rearranged.

There was no recognizable order at all; not alphabetical or numerical by any metric under any heading.

I have searched your forums and many others have had this problem for years.

A report will not fix this problem. Having an overall order column will not fix this problem.

I need Smartsheet to stop rearranging my sheet for no reason, when nobody asked it to.

Why hasn't this been addressed, and what is being done right now to address the issue?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hey @Bill Raymond

    Smartsheet itself will not rearrange rows unless a collaborator has taken an action - either a direct action (such as Sorting the sheet) or through an add-on or connector set up with this sheet.

    Is there anything else connected to this sheet, such as DataMesh or Bridge? If you're the Owner or Admin of the sheet on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can check the Activity Log to see what may have caused the re-order.



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