Managed Resources

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edited 09/25/23 in Resource Management

How do I connect my project plans in smartsheet to Resource Management with free/collaborators in the assigned to without it making me pay for a managed resource license. I'm confused. Manage_Resource can be a conference room, so If I list a "free user" as a managed resource, why do I need a license? How can I use resource management without paying 300 dollars a year for a license? I have about 100 resources on my project - with only 4 licensed users, the users roll on and off the project, names change, they use smartsheet without a license so how do I load them into Resource Management without it telling me I have a limit of 3 managed resources. Placeholder doesn't seem like that would be the answer because there is actually a free user/resource assigned to the task in smartsheet? Does anyone know how I should set this up. No one at smartsheet is answering and the one person who did said she needed to take a lunch break and I needed to contact my account rep to buy more licenses? So now I think she is the only one working to support Resource management today because I've been on hold for 53 minutes and counting for another resource who can maybe provide something other than contact your account manager. Any ideas?