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Cross-Sheet References Optimizations

Francisco ✭✭✭✭
  1. When adding a cross-sheet reference and selecting a column, the range should auto-name itself as opposed to being "GENERIC SHEET NAME 1" - I don't love having to click into the naming field to update (especially when I'm adding ~60+ cross-sheet references). It's monotonous.
  2. When I click "enter/return" after selecting and renaming a field, the text box should accept changes. Currently, I can't click enter when doing a cross-sheet reference. I have to take my hands off my keyboard to click the "Insert reference" button... this messes up my workflow.
  3. We should have an inventory of cross-sheet references to keep track of how many of our precious cross-sheet concerns we've used. Do you know how frustrating running into the max off-sheet reference limit is? We've had to scrap infrastructure build-out to correct this extremely disappointing limitation. The solution posed by SmartSheet support has been to "build additional intermediary sheets to spread out your cross-sheet references." Perfect, so now we can have five intermediary sheets (super confusing) that roll up into a consolidated sheet for reporting. Requires a bit of collateral build-out - not a good user experience at all.

Sometimes, I wonder if user experience and practicality were considered while imposing these limitations... I'm sure there's a back-end issue that forces this reference limitation...

I'm a bit concerned since it seems like basic functionality has been ignored to focus on new features and/or AI. Without basic functionality, it makes it hard to look forward to shiny new capabilities.

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