How to make a simple list of column entries and then display in a dashboard?


The sheet I am working with is organized with individual projects listed in rows and project specifics (start/end, budget, sponsor, etc.) listed in columns.

I want to make a simple list of all the different project sponsors that can be displayed in a dashboard.

I could use either a strictly text list (Example 1) or a text list with # of projects sponsored (Example 2).

Example 1:

Sponsor A

Sponsor B

Sponsor C

Example 2:

Sponsor A: 5

Sponsor B: 8

Sponsor C: 1

I've played around with different options but nothing seems to provide me with something this simple.

When I use a report widget, too much project information is displayed. When I do a sheet summary, I can enter formulas for each sponsor, but if sponsor D is added to the list, someone will have to go in and do new calculations (this section needs to be automated so other team members won't have to update). If I use a report for a chart widget, I have to display some kind of graph.

I actually hope this is a "stupid question" and someone can provide me with a simple solution.