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Wondering if anyone has this same issue. The series coloring for graph widgets keeps changing or diverting back to default system color I don't know. Here my TASK STATUS widget (but other graphs have similar issues) keeps changing on it's own and it's very annoying.

I originally set this up to have GREEN for IN PROGRESS, GRAY for COMPLETED, etc..

In this example, using the status of "IN PROGRESS" - What I'm finding is that if the count for any of these drop to ZERO, there's nothing to show and then when there's something to show, the color then changes to say RED and I have to manually update the series again back to GREEN. The count pulls form a Metric sheet. Is there something I can do to keep my settings the way I set it up? Does my metric sheet have anything to do with it?

Metric Sheet:


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    Not sure if this is a good solution but maybe see if you can make a report with status data from the sheet. Then use the report to feed the chart. That might be a workaround but I have not tried it. Just a thought.

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