Automation - Lock and Unlock rows (force TODAY() update)

Hi community

I have added in an automation on multiple sheets that should, on the first of the month, lock and then unlock all the rows on the sheet. This is to force all formulas utilising TODAY() to update.

On viewing some sheets today I have noticed that many have locked rows. I have manually run the automation and it only does one action or the other i.e. lock if the rows are unlocked and unlock if they are locked. I have created the automation as per the advice within the Help and Learning pages (although I found this workaround in the community first) which can be found here - I also attach a screen shot of my automation, maybe I have gone wrong but as it is so simple I'm not sure how.

Can anyone help please? Don't really want to try and set another automation to unlock an hour after locking, seems really excessive. (Ideally TODAY() would update without the need for this.)


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