Service Provider-Initiated Single Logout now generally available!

Daniel Medved
Daniel Medved Employee
edited 10/10/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

We are excited to share that we released the Service Provider-Initiated Single Logout feature. When Single Logout is enabled and an end user logs out of Smartsheet, the associated SAML Identity Provider (IdP) session is also terminated. This ensures that no sensitive data is left exposed in an active IdP session, thereby mitigating potential security risks such as session hijacking.

Furthermore, the logout process is simplified for the user as they don’t have to remember to separately log out of Smartsheet and their IdP. This improved user experience enhances operational efficiency, while also strengthening security measures.

Single Logout can be enabled by SysAdmins in Enterprise plans. Please refer to this help article to get started.

Note: Customers who had previously set up Single Log Out (SLO) in both their IDP and Smartsheet's SAML metadata before we launched this feature may encounter an error from their IDP upon logout (this error won't be from Smartsheet). If this happens, you'll need to reconfigure SLO in your Smartsheet organization according to our help documents.

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Daniel Medved

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