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Control Center - Ability to reorder columns, or reset all columns to predefined order

Tim Starkey
Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

Please add the ability to 'reset' column order across sheets to match the template.

Currently in control center, you can add (or move) a single column to a single destination point. As I understand it, that destination is based on the column position number. So although you may be showing it going in between "Assigned to" and "Start Date" columns, in actuality its going to position 5, based on the actual template. Over time and many global updates, a large portion of my sheets have columns in random orders. As I add new columns, the locations they land in those sheets is.. surprising. The fix is to manualy reorder all the columns, sheet by sheet. Or, set up a series of Global updates to run in a specific order to move a column to position 1, then next to position 2, etc.

A simple checkbox like below would be brilliant.

Bonus: In addition to ordering, update all sheets hidden and locked columns to match template as well. Or, allow that to happen in the CC setting.

Thank you!

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