Enforcing Automatic Access Through Form Submission Without Additional Approval

Hello Smartsheet Community,

I’m trying to implement a process that requires employees to fill out a form at the start of each week to automatically gain access to specific sheets and/or columns in Smartsheet, without requiring additional approval steps.

The ideal workflow is as follows:

1. At the start of the week, employees are required to fill out a specific form.

2. Upon form submission, they automatically gain access to designated Smartsheet sheets/columns.

3. Access is revoked at the end of the week, and employees must submit the form again to regain access in the subsequent week.

I’d like to make sure that the form submission is the sole requirement for access and that no further approval is needed. Has anyone configured a similar automated access workflow or has insights on how to achieve this in Smartsheet? Any advice or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights!

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