importing a worko order


How can I create a way for the totals from the attached form (excel) to be uploaded into a sheet in cells and then the whole form saved as an attachment? whole form in as attachment beow


  • Hamza1
    Hamza1 Moderator

    Hi @Joey Casullo,

    In Smartsheet, you can import any sheet or report from the following formats:

    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Project 
    • Google Sheets
    • Atlassian Trello board

    From the top navigation bar, select File > Import - You will discover four options to import your data and four options for automating your data import. For more information on automating your import, see Create an upload workflow in Data Shuttle. For more information on this see the help article Import files to create new sheets.

    You can use Data Shuttle to offload data as an attachment to a Smartsheet sheet or an external cloud source (OneDrive/SharePoint, Google Drive, or Box). For more information on the required plan and permissions for Data Shuttle refer to the help article here.