Copying row from one sheet to another AND creating a new row if specific field is duplicated

Hi team!

Hoping you all can help think through the workflow on this one.

We have an intake form that gets filled out. It's very logic heavy as multiple teams are filling this form out to request different services. The driving force between this form's sheet and another "main sheet" is one unique identifier.

In a very simple use case, a form gets filled out, the IDs then get matched via Data Shuttle, and the data gets copied over to the Main Sheet.

The issue comes in when we have multiple requests with the same ID come in asking for a "one-time" service. Ideally, if the ID already exists and data is already filled out for that row, we would like to somehow get that data transferred over as a competely new row and we can create a unique "project ID" and treat it as an individual project.

Is this somehow doable? Would this mean we create a new data shuttle to add rows if specific criteria are met? Unsure how to proceed here. Thank you!

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