Can we run a report on users who have NOT submitted a timesheet?


Hi All,

Is there a way to run a report based on users who have not submitted a timesheet against a project they're assigned to within RM.

The answers I have found are based on hours being pulled in from the schedule which we're currently not using.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
    SoS | Dan Palenchar ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Kathleen M

    It's difficult to answer this without seeing your Sheet or some more information about how your system is being used.

    There are many ways to manipulate data and output reports based on criteria like you are requesting. If you have a list of users and a column that can be used to determine if that user has submitted a time Sheet than you could easily get a report of these users that do not have the necessary data in that column.

    You mentioned the schedule is where hours are pulled in from but it is not being used. You will need some data in place that can be used to determine if someone has submitted a time Sheet. There are many ways to do this!

    If you provide some more context I can give you a better answer.

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  • Kathleen M

    Thanks Dan!

    Basically we just want a simple way to find out who hasn't submitted a timesheet for the week. It sounds like a vlookup across a couple of sheets is the way to go about it.