Report missing columns

edited 10/09/23 in Smartsheet Basics


We are trying to create a report. The report is feed by a few hundreds of sheets.

I select the workspace, and I have find out that some columns are missing, for instance "SKU".

If i remove all sheets and select only one sheet, i can see the column

If I select the column and save, then the column is shown, then I can select again the full workspace and Ill see the SKU column and its data (this is the workaround I have found).

If tomorrow I need to add N new columns, how I need to proceed? removing all sheets from targets, adding the columns and selecting again the sheets? This may work if I am lucky and all sheets are located in the same Workspace, but if I need to select them manually from different locations, its not a solution.

Is this a BUG? Do this work as dessigned? If so, can someone explain which is the best practice to work?

Thank you