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Copy Pivot Table & Give permissions for others to edit

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2 things:

  1. I would like the ability in the Pivot App, to "COPY" a pivot table so that it doesn't have to be recreated from scratch every time. It's a waste of time and has too much room for human error, especially when trying to organize and create data for hundreds of metrics. It is clunky and this would really serve as a time saver.
  2. I would like the ability to assign permissions to a pivot table. Right now, ONLY the owner of that pivot table can make adjustments to it or even see it, for that matter. What happens when someone is on PTO or leaves the company? It's a single point of failure and one that shouldn't be too difficult to mitigate, by just adding the permissions to the pivot table itself. Then it would be up to the administrator to ensure the person being shared TO, has the pivot table on their profile. If they do not, then maybe the owner of the pivot table gets a notification that the newly requested user of the table needs to see their system admin for rights to Pivot App.
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