Adding Dynamic Views to WorkApps just got easier!


Hi Community, 

We are very excited to announce that Licensed Dynamic View users now have a new and more intuitive way to add Dynamic Views to your WorkApps. Dynamic Views can now be added to a WorkApp directly from the “Add pages” menu. You will now see a new content type in your WorkApps left-hand menu with the Dynamic View logo to add new pages in WorkApps. 

In addition to seeing all of your Dynamic Views in one place, you can search, sort, filter, and preview your Dynamic Views to easily find what you are looking for. You can also select one or more Dynamic Views to add to your WorkApp and jump directly into the Dynamic View if you want to change permissions. Additionally you will see a new Dynamic View content type in WorkApps with the new Dynamic View logo for those pages in WorkApps. 

Please find the Help article here.

Note: We have performed a one-time conversion of all existing Dynamic Views in all WorkApps to the new Dynamic View page type for a consistent experience moving forward.

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John Hieger