Can I set a recurring event and reminder in Smartsheet?

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I have a project plan that I am working on that requires certain tasks to be completed weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Is there a formula or automation that can be used to make a task recurring?


  • bbates
    bbates ✭✭

    Try this:

    Add a Occurrence column to your dataset to indicate weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. (make this a dropdown to prevent typos)

    Add a Resource column [identity type] that includes the person(s) responsible for the task

    1 workflow would be created for each Occurrence type:

    Trigger: When date is reached

    Custom recurrence:

    • Repeat every: X weeks (weekly = 1 week, monthly = 1 month, quarterly = 4 month)
    • Repeat on: select reminder day of the week
    • Start: select start date
    • Ends: Never or On Date or After # of times

    Conditions: Where 'Occurrence' field is equal to Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly

    Alert someone: Send to contacts in a cell

    Select Resource column

    Include custom message and sheet columns to be included in the message

  • Deepika Kuna

    Hi, I have a smartsheet - where I have automations to send a reminder to the submitter from the date of the modification of the contract inputted by the submitter. How would I set up the automation to be recurring indefinitely from the date identified in the modification column ?