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iOS App, Requesting Support for Chinese Input Method in China Region

I am a user of Smartsheet in China, and I hope that this excellent project management product, Smartsheet, can consider the user experience of global users simultaneously.

As a Chinese user, I encounter an issue with the Smartsheet iOS app. I am unable to use the Baidu input method, which is commonly used in China.

Specifically, in the Smartsheet iOS app, I can only use the default Chinese input method provided by iOS. However, the user experience of the default Chinese input method is not user-friendly and lacks a range of user-friendly designs, making input inconvenient. When I attempt to switch to the Baidu input method used in China, there is no option available for this switch.

Therefore, I hope that the Smartsheet iOS app can support switching to the Chinese input method in China region. I have tested Airtable, and it supports switching to the Baidu input method in China.

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