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WorkApps PowerBI Login Process (BUG, not ENHANCEMENT)

WorkApps is a potential game changer for my company, because unlike PowerApps in Powerbi for my (which cannot embed Smartsheet), WorkApps can embed both Smartsheets AND Powerbi.

The only major drawback at this point, is the login process to PowerBI is not intuitive which causes our users to think they do not have access. The only way to login currently, is to navigate to a PowerBI page, then click "Sign-In" and then NOTHING HAPPENS. The Sign-In only take effect when navigating off of the original PowerBI page, and then returning to the first PowerBI page.

My company is currently debating which App to use, WorkApps vs PowerApps. I'd like WorkApps to win the debate, so I hope smartsheet can fix this issue quickly.

It would be really nice (since we use Microsoft to login to both Smartsheet AND PowerBI) if there was no second Sign-In step required.

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