Cascading cell changes


Currently, I am taking a sheet and exporting a row after a student enters data in a feedback form. This exported data enters another sheet where I am trying to quantify the students dropdown menu responses so that I can chart the effectiveness of our training program. In this workflow I have tried separate workflows but I trigger to many workflows to complete the changes on 12 cells.

I then tried to split all actions into two workflows but can't seem to get the coding right so that when the row drops into the sheet that it'll change all of the cells at once. Anyone have any suggestions?


  • isabonita
    isabonita ✭✭✭


    I typically will slow down my automation by setting up a "flag" for each item that is being checked/changed. That way I can trigger the next automation when my flag changes - rather than on other information in the sheet.

    This also helps the issue when Smartsheet says "Too many automations are being triggered"

    You could set up your initial automation to simply set a counter to say "start checking" (maybe set it to 1)

    And then use that flag to check the first thing...then change that counter to 2

    Then the next thing - change the counter again.. if you need to go through each item separately.

    Or maybe some variation of that.

    I do find if I have to check on something changing to "any value" if I put a condition afterwards that helps with the errors on automations...

  • Stephen.Riker

    I appreciate the information. Forgive my knowledge, but how would you set a "flag." I am looking through the automation section to see if it will let me set a condition up to slow the process down. It seems when I have tried this kind of setup, at least I believe this is what I am trying to accomplish, my automation gets stuck at only running the first condition that it can execute. Instead of finding all of the conditions that I have set and run all of them.

    The major issue that I am running into is that we have four answers a student can give and I am trying to assign those four answers a numerical value so that I can chart the responses. These four answers are the same for the twelve questions I am asking. When I import the data from my previous sheet with any of the automations I have tried with my triggers/conditions in my workflow I typically only get the first cell to change, but I've had up to four change until the sheet tells me I've exceeded five workflows and it can't continue to run my workflows.